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BeitragThema: Alyssa Interview by   Mo Sep 21, 2009 2:49 pm

AskMen: How did you become such a big Dodgers fan?

Alyssa: I was born in Brooklyn. My dad (Tom Milano) grew up in Brooklyn. He was huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan. When they left New York, he was heartbroken, like every other little boy. He became a Yankees fan out of spite. And then we moved to L.A., when I got Whoís the Boss, it was during the '80s, and the Dodgers were having the best decade ever, and my dad was like, "Hmmm, I think I could be a Dodgers fan again." Iíve had season tickets for the Dodgers for seven years.

AskMen :So, it wasnít Tony Danza that turned you onto the Dodgers?

Alyssa: (Laugh). No, it was my real daddy.

AskMen: Are you a big Manny Ramirez fan? Do you have a Manny wig?

Alyssa: When [Manny Ramirez] first got there, I wore the wig. I actually made the wig. But itís a weird thing, I donít know how I feel about him anymore. I love him. I like watching him... Itís weird when a guy from your team has steroids smeared over him. When it was somebody from another team, I could get sort of enraged and be, "Aaargh." But when itís your team, itís just kind of, I donít know, obviously itís different. The whole situation made me sad. Heís back. Iím glad heís not struggling to make the transition. You donít know whatís going to happen when guys come off that stuff. You donít know if they are going to fall apart or not be able to hit a ball. Heís proven thatís not the case so far.
AskMen: How did you enjoy your annual All-Star Game appearances?

Alyssa: This was my fifth year in a row coming. I usually bring my family. My parents couldnít come out this time, so that kind of made me sad. Every year I come, I do an appearance at FanFest, where I meet the fans, which is awesome.

AskMen: What do you consider the highlight of your career?

They all have their thing that makes me proud. My acting career, Iím actually just happy to be actually doing it. I grew up in a time where child actors werenít really taken seriously and couldn't make the transition into adult actors. Most of the child actors of my generation didnít continue to work. So, Iím obviously proud to still have that career.

The clothing line is very rewarding in a business sense, to be able to come up with an idea and work it through all of its many stages and see it come to fruition is amazing. This is the third year it is on the market. The first year, MLB had the exclusive, and then the second year it went out to all the leagues, so it is available for NFL, NBA and NHL. Weíve expanded to jewelry and we do handbags now, so it is very rewarding. I feel incredibly blessed. There is a website called, which sells all the leagues.Ē

I think Iím most proud to be an ambassador for UNICEF. Thatís probably the work Iím most proud of. Itís very humbling and wonderful.

AskMen: What was it like filming Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Alyssa: ďWith my pink high tops! I was 11, yeah. I had a really bad perm. Arnold was awesome. He was super fun. Really, really smart, sweet, smart guy. He helped with my algebra homework.Ē

AskMen: Have you kept up with the Governator?

Alyssa: Iíve seen him a bunch of times. He is always trying to get me to campaign for the Republican Party, which I have not done. But he is a very nice guy. Iím hoping he can help the state get out of what weíre in, because we're hurting in California.

AskMen: Do you have a favorite Who's the Boss episode?

Alyssa: The one I was most embarrassed to do at the time was actually called "Samís First Bra." I was humiliated having to do it. I was maybe 13. It killed me. They used to give us this envelope on Friday and say: "OK, this is next weekís script." So I opened up the script on Friday and saw the name and was absolutely mortified. Itís hard enough to go through puberty, let alone doing it in front of millions of people. And then I watched it again recently, within the last four years. It was a very touching, a very good, a very sweet episode. I like that one the best.

AskMen: What is you next project?

Alyssa: I just finished a movie that should be out in 2010 called My Girlfriendís Boyfriend. Itís with Beau Bridges, Chris Gorham and Carol Kane, and itís a lovable little independent film, a love story -- very, very sweet and well written. Look for that. And I just heard from ABC, which picked [up] my pilot for midseason. Itís called Romantically Challenged. That is basically how the name reads. Itís about a group of friends [who] are basically romantically challenged. Everybody can relate to that, right? The guy who wrote my show, he comes from Family Guy, heís a Family Guy writer. So obviously he is a little twisted in the head. But it is very, very funny.

AskMen: Any interest in doing reality TV?

Alyssa: I donít know... If I went down that road, it would have to be as a creator/producer. I donít think I could be on a reality show. I donít know, Iíd rather quit. If thatís where my career was at, I think I would rather quit the business and become a doctor or something.

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