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 ALyssa redet über ihre Rolle in Castle

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BeitragThema: ALyssa redet über ihre Rolle in Castle   Do Jan 07, 2010 2:58 pm

So how did you get involved in this episode of "Castle"?

They actually had offered me a couple of different parts over the past few months, and I just wanted it to be special when I actually did the show because I'm a fan of the show. I think the writing's really great. So then when this one came up, and the character was the one that got away from Castle, I just thought it would be really fun.

What were the other parts they had offered you?

Well, one was a suspect, and the other was a victim -- there were two scripts.

"Castle" has really been gaining momentum lately. As a fan, what do you think it is that makes the show so appealing?

I think [on] any show, what makes it appealing is the cast of characters and the chemistry within. It's really like lightning in a bottle. You really have to have the right formula to make everything work. I think when you watch this show, there is a sense of wanting to know the characters and loving the dynamic between Castle and Beckett. And I also think the writing is really smart. I think because Castle is a novelist, they're able to take more of a risk and write really smartly.

You just mentioned chemistry. How was the chemistry between you and Nathan Fillion?

Really good, really good. We've known each other for about nine years now, and he's such a sweet, sweet guy. From the second I stepped on the set, he was so appreciative and hospitable throughout the whole process, and I think a bit of that you can actually feel.

What more can you tell us about the episode?

Castle and I were college sweethearts, and basically they broke up because they needed some time apart, but the relationship was never really resolved. On my wedding day one of my bridesmaids gets killed, and Castle's on the case. For Kyra it's about "This is crazy. Today's my wedding day and you show up -- the one man that I'm not completely over." So she sort of sees it as maybe a sign, but also an opportunity to take stock and wonder if she's doing the right thing by marrying this other guy. And Castle, who I think is a lot more -- you know, he acts on feeling and impulse -- he's just fascinated that this would happen, that he would be on the case of the one that got away.

Given that your character was an important part of Castle's past, do you think we'll be seeing her again?

I think there's definitely opportunity. I don't die at the end. (Laughs.)

Switching gears, let's talk about your new sitcom. What can you tell us about "Romantically Challenged"?

I'm very excited about it. We start work January 22nd. It's a traditional sitcom, but our head writer is Ricky Blitt from "Family Guy," so obviously the comedic sensibility is a lot edgier than a traditional sitcom. And our cast is outstanding. I cannot wait to go to work with those people every day. I'm just really excited.

Who do you play in the show?

My character, her name is Rebecca, and she's in her 30s and has two kids -- one 12 and one 9. She's just starting to get back out there in the dating scene and is terrified. She also reconnects with her high school best friend, who is a guy, and that character is played by Kyle Bornheimer. ... I just feel like this is going to be special. James Burroughs is our director, which doesn't hurt.

And you're shooting on the old "Seinfeld" stage.

Yeah! It's really cool. I went down there a couple of weeks ago to meet with all the writers and I walked onto the stage and it definitely had a certain good vibe to it!


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ALyssa redet über ihre Rolle in Castle
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