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BeitragThema: Nominierungen & Preise   Di Sep 15, 2009 2:39 pm

Independent Spirit Awards - 1996
Nominiert für Beste Debut Performance - The Doom Generation
NO WIN___________________________________________________

MTV Movie Awards - 1999
Nominiert für Beste Schurkin - Film: Jawbreaker
NO Win

Family Television Awards - 2005
Nominiert für Lieblings Schwester - Charmed

Zitat dazu von Rose:

"Since I'm winning 'favorite sibling', the only thing I can say is that I learned that from my brothers and sisters, Nathaniel, Daisy, Ava, Viola, Rebecca, James, Bobbie, and Lloyd, yes exactly..." [Crowd laughs]
"...I've learned how to love from them, I've learned how to cry from them, I've learned how to be sat on and farted on, I've learned..." [Rose strikes a pose and the crowd laughs again] "I've learned how to torture my little sister and then for them to torture the youngest after that. But more than that I've learned that family is the number on important thing in my life and if I had a giant house and all my brothers and sisters where there, than that would sound like absolute perfection. So again if I've won anything at all for being in any family that would only be because of them. Thanks." ___________________________________________________________

Guys Choice Award - 2007
Nominiert für Femme Fatale - Grindhouse

Zitat dazu von Rose:

"Thank you! Well... I wanna thank... Steven Hawking for inspiring me to think of outer realms and different universes where I could, infact, go from a little nerd who hid in the library to getting a kind of gold tinfoil... Antler. This is rad! Hi!"
"Also, I really actually need to thank Robert Rodriguez for making me the most bad ass girl. These antlers are really for him. [laughs] And its not really a fair fight because I think... I think a machine gun leg kind of a win anytime, you know. I am lock and loaded. And that is what I'm here to say. [laughs] In any case, thank you, thank you very much Spike Awards people and men all over the universe. You know who you are. Okay! Thank you!"
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Nominierungen & Preise
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